Thank You!

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for the incredible launch of the Clean Sport Collective three weeks ago! We are so humbled and thankful for everyone’s participation from the very beginning. The number of people, brands and events who took the pledge blew us away. It exceeded all of our dreams of what the launch could be, and it was because of all of YOU! The creativity of posts, the stories of how clean sport was now communicated with your children, and the meaning behind why you all compete clean was so humbling to see.

We believe in unity, positive change and the power of the collective to make a difference. Social movements come from the people, and together we are making it a movement. What used to be a taboo topic is now widely talked about from professional athletes to fans in a place where all of our voices make a difference equally together. We are also changing the rhetoric to celebrating clean athletes, trainers, teams, coaches, agents, brands and events who value clean sport.

There is an absolute need for a social movement. This is exactly WHY the pledges matter, the tweets and 'grams matter. The platform is to allow people to loudly express-- in unison--their passion FOR Clean Sport.  

This is a culture where how we compete is just as important as the results we achieve.

If you haven’t read it, we encourage you to read the article from Outside Magazine – Can the Collective Do Any Good? We definitely think so!

"If public outrage against drug cheats were to reach fever pitch, no company would want to risk association with athletes who have broken the rules. In that sense, the responsibility lies with us."

Transparency matters. Honesty matters. Our collective voice matters.

Next steps:

Awareness is always the first step. We can’t know what to fix unless there is an awareness of the issues at hand. We also have a responsibility to put boots on the ground for action.

In the next couple of weeks, we will begin announcing organizations that we will be partnering with in our four lanes of positive change – Testing, Education, Industry Advocacy and Restoration. This will continue to build as the Clean Sport Collective builds, as we want ALL sports to have a place in Clean Sport.  This is when we will need your help to reach our goals!

We will be debuting a collective of powerful voices around Clean Sport to educate and inspire along with a podcast for clean athletes to talk about the importance of Clean Sport.

We want to make sure your membership is known, and the public statement of awareness is a very important part of the process. We will be adding all the members across the charters very soon.

You all are the early adopters who have broken ground on positive change. You are the ambassadors for Clean Sport. Keep the pledges coming!

There is no expiration date on signing the pledge and displaying your pledge for Clean Sport. Every voice matters. And, we encourage you to put on the Clean Sport temporary tattoo and race with it at every race. We want this to be a part of every uniform kit – to always race with Clean Sport. Be an ambassador for Clean Sport and strike up a conversation with someone who isn’t familiar yet.

This is just the beginning. We have a lot of work to do to clean up sport. Together, through this journey, we will make a positive movement.

Stay tuned for more ahead. And, reach out. We would love to hear from you for any suggestions!


Shanna and CSC team