The Paths

The Clean Sport Certification process has distinct paths for brands/business’, events/races, athletes/clubs. Each Certification path has unique guidelines and requirements that the entity or individual must meet in order to be given the Clean Sport Certification. 


The Process

  1. The Clean Sport Certification process begins with the completion of an inquiry form that helps determine which path best suits the interested entity.
  2. A Technical Advisor from the Collective will then contact the entity and begin the process. This will include, but is not limited to, meeting specific guidelines, providing relevant documentation, completing testing and evaluation, receiving necessary support and education and ultimately signing a licensing agreement.
  3. The certification will be subject to a yearly renewal that will include an assessment and evaluation of commitments and practices. 

The Benefits

Upon successful completion of the Certification process, the entity/individual will be sent “Clean Sport Certified” verification mark art files. This may be used on product packaging, advertising, media applications and any other branding application that the entity deems beneficial. The CSC will also work with the entity to draft a press release that we can share through social media. Certified Brands will also enjoy the benefit of enhanced reputation and a stronger appeal to the conscience consumer and participant.

When possible, Certified entities will also be provided with unique collaborative marketing opportunities, industry leading learning environments and exclusive sponsorship opportunities.